Read the CakePHP docs on Helpers:

What is a Helper?

Helpers are the component-like classes for the presentation layer of your application. They contain presentational logic that is shared between many views, elements, or layouts. This chapter will show you how to create your own helpers, and outline the basic tasks CakePHP’s core helpers can help you accomplish.


Let’s say we named our helper Example, and it would be found at /app/View/Helper/ExampleHelper.php:

class ExampleHelper extends AppHelper {

    public function lowercase($text) {
        return strtolower($text);


Plugin helpers

If it is Example plugin’s helper, it would be found at /app/Plugin/Example/View/Helper/ExampleHelper.php.

Using Helpers in Views

Before using helpers in views, we need to let our Controller know to get it loaded:

class RecipesController extends AppController {

    public $uses = array(

    public $helpers = array(
        'Example', // 'Example.Example' if it is from Example plugin

    public function view($id) {
        $recipe = $this->Recipe->findById($id);
        $this->set('recipe', $recipe);


Now we can use the helper from our view at /app/View/Recipes/view.ctp:

<div class="recipes view">
    <h2><?php echo $recipe['Recipe']['title']; ?></h2>

    <p><?php echo $recipe['Recipe']['body']; ?></p>

    <p><?php echo $this->Example->lowercase('TEXT WILL BE CONVERTED TO LOWERCASE'); ?></p>