Make it faster

Debug Setting

Croogo is shipped with debug level 1 enabled. You can disable it in /app/Config/croogo.php to make it faster. Replace line 37 with this:

Configure::write('debug', 0);



Install DebugKit into Plugin/DebugKit:

git clone Plugin/DebugKit

Activate DebugKit plugin:

Console/cake ext activate plugin -f DebugKit

Hook the ToolbarComponent to all controllers:

// Config/bootstrap.php
Croogo::hookComponent('*', 'DebugKit.Toolbar');

Blackholed Request

Debugging blackholed requests can be tricky. The first thing that you should do if you get blackholed requests is to check your tmp/logs/error.log file. A simple syntax error or a PDOException may have triggered the blackhole callback.

In some cases, the request may cause an infinite loop. If you get this problem, clear out your error.log and re-do the request. If the problem is logged, it would be in the first few lines of this file.

Secondly, verify that:

  • Your input fields are created using the FormHelper
  • Your forms are closed using FormHelper::end()
  • Your form is created with type => ‘file’ if you’re working with file uploads
  • You are not using nested forms