The following callbacks are supported for components by CakePHP.

  • initialize: Called before Controller::beforeFilter()
  • startup: Called after the Controller::beforeFilter() and before the controller action
  • beforeRender: Called after the Controller::beforeRender(), after the view class is loaded, and before the Controller::render()
  • shutdown: Called after Controller::render() and before the output is printed to the browser.


class ExampleComponent extends Component {

    //called before Controller::beforeFilter()
    public function initialize(&$Controller, $settings = array()) {
        // saving the controller reference for later use
        $this->Controller =& $Controller;

    //called after Controller::beforeFilter()
    public function startup(&$Controller) {

    //called after Controller::beforeRender()
    public function beforeRender(&$Controller) {

    //called after Controller::render()
    public function shutdown(&$Controller) {

    //called before Controller::redirect()
    public function beforeRedirect(&$Controller, $url, $status = null, $exit = true) {

    public function redirectSomewhere($value) {
        // utilizing a controller method


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The following callbacks are supported for helpers by CakePHP:

  • beforeRender: Called before the view file is rendered.
  • afterRender: Called after the view file is rendered but before the layout has been rendered.
  • beforeLayout: Called before the layout is rendered.
  • afterLayout: Called after the layout has rendered.

Extra callbacks by Croogo for better integration

  • afterSetNode: Called after LayoutHelper::setNode(). A good place to modify node content.
  • beforeNodeInfo: Called before LayoutHelper::nodeInfo().
  • afterNodeInfo: Called after LayoutHelper::nodeInfo().
  • beforeNodeBody: Called before LayoutHelper::nodeBody().
  • afterNodeBody: Called after LayoutHelper::nodeBody().
  • beforeNodeMoreInfo: Called before LayoutHelper::nodeMoreInfo().
  • afterNodeMoreInfo: Called after LayoutHelper::nodeMoreInfo()


class ExampleHelper extends AppHelper {

    public $helpers = array(

    public function beforeRender() {

    public function afterRender() {

    public function beforeLayout() {

    public function afterLayout() {

    public function afterSetNode() {
        // field values can be changed from hooks
        $currentTitle = $this->Layout->node('title');
        $modifiedTitle = $currentTitle . ' [Modified by ExampleHelper]';
        $this->Layout->setNodeField('title', $modifiedTitle);

    public function beforeNodeInfo() {
        return '<p>beforeNodeInfo</p>';

    public function afterNodeInfo() {
        return '<p>afterNodeInfo</p>';

    public function beforeNodeBody() {
        return '<p>beforeNodeBody</p>';

    public function afterNodeBody() {
        return '<p>afterNodeBody</p>';

    public function beforeNodeMoreInfo() {
        return '<p>beforeNodeMoreInfo</p>';

    public function afterNodeMoreInfo() {
        return '<p>afterNodeMoreInfo</p>';


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