Croogo bundles a modified version of AclExtras plugin. The plugin provides a facility to manage/synchronize or recover your acl tables. The following commands are available:


Add new ACOs for new controllers and actions. Does not remove nodes from the ACO table.


Perform a full sync on the ACO table.Will create new ACOs or missing controllers and actions.Will also remove orphaned entries that no longer have a matching controller/action


Perform a full content sync on the ACO table. Will create new ACOs or missing contents. Will also remove orphaned entries that no longer have a matching contents.

You need to run this first after activating “Row Level Access Control”


Verify the tree structure of either your Aco or Aro Trees


Recover a corrupted Tree

Install Shell

Croogo now has the ability to install and activate extensions from the command line. To access the shells cd in your app folder and run the commands using: ./Console/cake [shell].

Most extensions you’ll find on To install the megamenu plugin extension from github type:

$ ./Console/cake install plugin


$ ./Console/cake install plugin rchavik megamenu

Themes can also be installed the same way:

$ ./Console/cake install theme

If you have a zip file located somewhere else, type:

$ ./Console/cake install theme

Ext Shell

You can activate/deactivate plugins and themes from the console. To activate the Megamenu extension previously installed:

$ ./Console/cake ext activate plugin Megamenu

To deactivate:

$ ./Console/cake ext deactivate plugin Megamenu

Settings Shell

The Settings plugin provides a few utility command to manipulate configuration values:

  • Reading a configuration:

    $ ./Console/cake settings.settings read Site.title
  • Writing a configuration value:

    $ ./Console/cake settings.settings write Site.title "My Awesome Site"
  • Deleting a configuration value:

    $ ./Console/cake settings.settings delete Custom.settingValue
  • Updating version information after an upgrade:

    $ ./Console/cake settings.settings upgrade_version_info

Users Shell

You can reset a user’s password from the shell:

$ ./Console/cake users.users reset admin password