Generate Migrations

Firstly, you need to activate your plugin in the administration

Secondly, you need to generate your schema.php:

./Console/cake schema generate -p yourPlugin

You must edit “schema.php” for some cleanup and refactoring. Since schema.php contains all existing tables in the application, you will need to remove them manually before including it in your plugin schema. For example, table “acos”, “aros”, “aros_acos” and “i18n” belongs to Croogo core and must be removed from the generated file. Moreover join tables aren’t added in schema.php and you must add them by yourself.

Next, you must create your migrations file. Its name must be unique:

./Console/cake Migrations.migration generate -p yourPlugin

Your migrations file is now created!

Apply Migrations

It’s your responsibility to apply migrations during activation of your plugin. You need to create (if the file doesn’t exist) YourPluginActivation.php in your Config folder: app/Plugin/YourPlugin/Config

In the method onActivation(&$controller) you must add this 3 lines:

App::uses('CroogoPlugin', 'Extensions.Lib');
$CroogoPlugin = new CroogoPlugin();

Remove Migrations

If you want to remove all migrations during the deactivation you just need this 3 lines in method onDeactivation(&$controller):

App::uses('CroogoPlugin', 'Extensions.Lib');
$CroogoPlugin = new CroogoPlugin();