Fallback system

It is absolutely fine if you do not want to create each and every view file for your theme. For example, if app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Users/add.ctp is not found, CakePHP will try to locate app/View/Users/add.ctp.

Extra fallbacks for Nodes

For theming, Croogo supports a few extra fallbacks for nodes, and whichever view file found first is rendered. Below are the lists of four actions of NodesController supporting extra view fallbacks:


  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/index_{type}.ctp: where {type} is the alias of your content type, for e.g. ‘blog’
  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/index.ctp
  • app/View/Nodes/index.ctp


  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/term_{id}.ctp: where {id} is Term ID
  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/term_{type}.ctp
  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/term.ctp
  • app/View/Nodes/term.ctp


  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/view_{id}.ctp: where {id} is Node ID
  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/view_{type}.ctp
  • app/View/Themed/MyTheme/Nodes/view.ctp
  • app/View/Nodes/view.ctp