2.0.0 Migration Guide

Schema Changes

  • Enlarge users.timezone column
  • Add Trackable fields, created_by and updated_by
  • Add Publishable fields, publish_start and publish_end
  • nodes_taxonomies renamed to model_taxonomies
  • comments.node_id renamed to comments.foreign_key


New settings have been added:

  • Site.asset_timestamp
  • Site.home_url

Settings have been made editable:

  • Site.locale
  • Site.admin_theme

Migrating from 1.5.x

Ensure that you have a full backup of your existing installation and database.

Since the application layout has changed a lot, it is not straightforward to migrate from a 1.5.x installation. Further, it is advised to upgrade to the latest available 1.5.x version first before attempting to migrate to 2.x.

Once you have updated to latest 1.5.x, the safest way to do this is to install 2.x to a separate directory and database.


  • Croogo is installed in ~/sites/croogo
  • CakePHP is installed in ~/sites/lib/Cake
  • DocumentRoot is ~/sites/croogo/webroot
  • Old Croogo database is: croogo15_db
  • New Croogo database is: croogo20_db

Migration Steps

  • Backup Config/croogo.php, Config/settings.json, Config/database.php:

    $ mkdir ~/sites/backup
    $ ( cd ~/sites/croogo/Config && cp croogo.php settings.json database.php ~/sites/backup )
  • Backup mysql database:

    $ mysqldump -u<user> -p<pass> croogo15_db > croogo15.sql
  • Create a new database:

    $ mysql -u<user> -p<pass> -e 'create database croogo20_db'
    $ mysql -u<user> -p<pass> croogo20_db < croogo15.sql
  • Setup a new croogo instance in a different directory using composer:

    $ COMPOSER_PROCESS_TIMEOUT=1200 composer create-project --no-dev -v croogo/app ~/sites/croogo-app
  • Restore your backup Config/croogo.php, Config/settings.json, Config/database.php:

    $ ( cd ~/sites/backup && cp croogo.php settings.json database.php ~/sites/croogo-app/Config )
  • Rename the database in database.php:

    $ ( cd ~/sites/croogo-app && sed -i 's/croogo15_db/croogo20_db/' Config/database.php' )
  • Copy your own plugins from the old application directory. Be sure not to copy the old Croogo plugins from 1.5.x

  • Run the migrations command to update database schema:

    $ cd ~/sites/croogo-app && Console/cake croogo upgrade migrations
  • Update the DocumentRoot to the new croogo instance ~/sites/croogo-app/webroot

By this point, hopefully Croogo has been successfully migrated.

Final migrated application

The final migration will have the following directory layout:

~/sites/croogo-app Contains the barebone application skeleton

~/sites/croogo-app/Plugin/Search Contains the Search plugin

~/sites/croogo-app/Plugin/Migrations Contains the Migrations plugin

~/sites/croogo-app/Plugin/Ckeditor Contains the Ckeditor plugin

~/sites/croogo-app/Vendor/cakephp/cakephp Contains the CakePHP framework

~/sites/croogo-app/Vendor/croogo/croogo Contains the core of Croogo CMS