Camino seguido


  • Fully Pluginize: Croogo can become a set of plugins and a minimalist app that simply installs the default plugin set for easy installation. (shama, real34, rchavik)
  • Add namespaces
  • PSR-0 and PSR-1 Compat
  • Use composer.json instead of Config/plugin.json for extensions
  • Offer RESTful API by core, to allow easy integration with third-party apps (could be an iPhone app too)
  • Allow admins to update Croogo from admin panel (HTTP download, or backed by Git?)
  • Granular ACL (rchavik)
  • [Plugin] Contents: Nodes going out, forming a Contents plugin.


  • Going stable
  • Doc updates


  • Plugin Activation ordering and presentation in plugin list
  • Helpers to create UI components markups, eg: tabs, accordion, panels. Mostly for /admin (aymeric and real34 - occitech)
  • Replace Email Component with CakeEmail and move to models
  • Move functionality in NodesController to the model


  • Plugin download/finder via shell (the CPM - package management idea)
  • Default theme: use Twitter Bootstrap (default theme will not be changed)
  • Admin theme: use Twitter Bootstrap here too? (aymeric and real34 - occitech)
  • Node Preview indicator, display published nodes that has preview flag set for admins.
  • Defaults to InnoDb storage engine for mysql
  • Migration plugin (cakedc) can be use for installation, and plugins. create and update tables between versions, setup default/baseline data [] (aymeric and real34 - occitech)
  • Pluginify the File Manager, add better folder security (shama)
  • Pluginify Blocks (shama)
  • Pluginify Taxonomy (shama)
  • Move CommentsController::add() functionality to model
  • Move AttachmentsController::admin_add functionality to model
  • Move non-controller CroogoComponent functionality to a Lib
  • Pluginify User management (extract as plugin) (rchavik)
  • Allow integration of third party auth, eg: twitter oauth, facebook, ldap,
  • Replace Config/settings.yml to Config/settings.json, remove spyc from Vendor (rchavik)